Oregon Real Estate Continuing Education


30 Hr Oregon Broker Renewal Package
This package includes all classes needed for an Oregon real estate Broker to renew their real estate license! (except 1st-time renewals). This package includes the LARRC and also meets the NAR ethics requirement. PRICE: $62.00

Individual Classes:

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Introduction to Real Property Appraisal (OR)
(3.00 credits, Elective - Eligible Topic: Appraisal)
Drugs, Disasters and Other Disclosures (OR)
(3.00 credits, Elective - Topic: Real estate disclosure requirements)
Clarifying The Code of Ethics (OR)
(3.00 credits, Elective - Business ethics)
Building Green, Building Smart (OR)
(3.00 credits, Elective - Topic: Environmental protection issues in real estate)
Staying Safe in Real Estate (OR)
(3.00 credits, Elective - Topic: Risk Management)
Negotiation Strategies For Real Estate (OR)
(3.00 credits, Elective - Topic: Negotiation)
Real Estate Investing (OR)
(3.00 credits, Elective - Topic: Real Estate Finance)
Risk Management (OR)
(3.00 credits, Elective - Topic: Risk Management)
Fair Housing For Real Estate Professionals (OR)
(3.00 credits, Elective - Topic: Fair Housing laws)
Oregon Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC) 2018-2019
(3.00 credits, Required)


Reminder: All classes must be completed within 180 days of purchase.