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It is perfect - meant to teach not trick! Works easy.

-Charles Tanko

I was extremely happy with Training Cove, very clear and to the point communication made it easy to understand. THANK YOU

-Sidney Voorhees

I found your continuing education class most helpful. I have always gone to in person classes over the years and you and your system has changed my opinion with to the online experience. Thank you.

-Rodney Lewis

It was great!

-Robert Berger

I loved the classes I took thru Training Cove. They were informative and easy to follow. Thank You

-Kim Laudon

I really like Training Cove. To be able to start and stop when its convenient for me is great. The Best thing I like about Training Cove is you can listen and read at the same time, it covers my learning styles. Before I found your business I signed up with another continuing education company, they have you read 30 hours. I do not retain material like that. I need to hear as well. Anyway you get thumbs up! Have a Great week!

-Judy Dreiling

Yes I did take the CE classes from Training Cove and I really enjoyed the classes and I did learn a lot.

-Vivian Ogle

I really did like my Training Cove experience. I definitely recommend it highly!!!!!!

-Nanci Glendening

It was great! The best experience ever! I was able to stop when I was busy, and take up where I left off! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND your school and will be using you in the future!

-Suzie Simonson

Great course and I love the audio option.

-Julie Cotter

Loved learning about green building and helping the environment.

-Patty Cisney

I've used other online classes and this has really been great.

-Belinda Patka

I will say your course is one of the best I have taken in 35 years.

-Karen Pavlis

I was impressed with the format and content. Nice job! I have taken online CE courses from a few different educational providers...I was about to sign-up for a CE package with [a competitor] before I decided to take a chance on the Training Cove. I am not disappointed one bit. The training format and content is excellent. The Training Cove is providing high quality CE training at a very affordable price. I hope my comments help others discover your wonderful training program.

-Joshua Williams

Love that the course is interactive.

-Sophia Hussain

Really great class! Thank you!

-Jules Campbell

I enjoyed all the reading and learning some new information. the information caught my attention and it was easy too understand.

-Laura Matache

Loved it very easy to understand and complete! I will continue to use the program for many years to come.

-Natasha Holder

Every agent should be required to take this class (Environmental Hazards) every year!

-Jeff Findarle

I like at the end of each quiz question it says correct or incorrect, that way you know what you need to go back and review. LOVE THE AUDIO. THANKS!

-Kathy Hubbell

I wouldn't change anything. This was a very effective, efficient and convenient way to obtain CE, especially for full-time working adults. Great course!

-Eerika Houpe

Excellent presentation of educational material.

-Melanie Koska

I especially enjoyed this class because I felt I learned a lot.

-Patricia McFarland

Great tips! Learned some new skills I can work on.

-Branson Evans

One of the best courses I have taken in Ethics, Easy to understand and comprehensive, Thank You!!!!

-Jim Buterbaugh

I have been a fulltime realtor for over 10 years and have been a mentor to other agents. There were a couple of items here that I was not aware of . Great info, thank you.

-Benita Yacenda

Loved it!!!

-Cary Knight

I really enjoyed my learning experience at Training Cove. The course content was exceptional, enjoyable and comprehensive. Also, pricing was very reasonable! A colleague referred me to your site; and I will be referring fellow real estate professionals to the site as well! Training Cove will be my 'default" for all future continuing education. Also, thank you for banking my credits with the Utah Division of Real Estate so promptly!

-Robyn V.

I took the trainingcove.com classes and they are a pleasure to take! Very informative and up to date with the information. I got to relax in the privacy of my own home and will do it again when needed !!! Highly recommended...

-Beverly Weiner

Much more professional than other CE classes I have used.

-Ron Cockerham

I say this with 30 years experience as an agent. I must add that I am glad I took a chance on using Training Cove for my CE, and I have already recommended it to a colleague.

-Lynn Kindred

I really liked the voice of the reader, she enunciated well, had great inflection to her voice, and was interesting to listen to.

-Lori Zurcher

Great structure. Very well put together.

-Gozie Ibeji

Very Interesting!

-Catherine Livingston

I liked the format, so much to cover. Thank you!

-Linda Walker

I didn't imagine that it would be so objective and motivating like what I had experienced in this course. Really impressive. Thank you.

-Hany Banoub

I will recommend this to all my agents.

-Nancy Ryan

Training Cove is my new go to for online renewal courses and I have already recommended this site to a friend who's license expires in October.

-Claudia Gilbert

Good Course! No changes needed!

-Ken Duryee

Very informative, easy to comprehend.

-Pat Russell

Everything was excellent.

-Hugo Gonzalez

This is the best safety info that I have seen in a Class Video for Agents!

-Deborah Eyth

Best classes I have ever taken - easy to understand and follow.

-Lisa Gates

Everything was great!

-Charyn Chilcher

Truly appreciate the convenience of this online course.

-Kelly El-Min

Classes are excellent and easy to comprehend.

-Rudy Escalante

I've used these classes for 3 renewals now. Always good and current information. I can finish my classes at home or on my phone which is a plus. These classes are in depth but easy to understand and the price is great. The speakers are very clear. I've been in real estate for over 20 years but I learn something new every time. I will use them for my next renewal. Highly recommended.

-Terry Belville

Great job making boring information interesting! This course was just challenging enough to make it fun. The voice over was fantastic. She showed good inflection, and was not mono-tone at any point. This is not easily done, and I appreciate it.

-David Fisher

It's perfect! Thank you.

-Maria Gutierrez

Thank you for a great class at a great price... appreciate you...:)

-Stan Rock

Awesome courses at an awesome price. I have completed 9 of the 10 courses I need for renewal in just 4 days. I love that I can use my smart phone to do them too. Painless and they are very interesting and engaging. Thank you so much!

-Jeffrey Tallman

Awesome courses at an awesome price. I have completed 9 of the 10 courses I need for renewal in just 4 days. I love that I can use my smart phone to do them too. Painless and they are very interesting and engaging. Thank you so much!

-Jeffrey Tallman

All the classes exceeded expectations!

-Jeremiah Bouley

I learned a lot! Some very great info I hadn’t thought of!

-Susan Hansen

I enjoyed taking the class. Gained more knowledge. Keep up the good work of educating people.

-Ali Alowonle

I LOVE YOUR CLASSES!!! So clear and precise!

-Leila Szajter-Hays

Great course!

-Dr. Wall

Very infomative!

-Lynne Engel

I thought it was great! No need for improvement!

-Stephanie Roberts

Love the additional resources that you can refer to

-Darlene Loesing

It was all very interesting and useful information.

-Merrily Pierson

This is the most interesting class I've taken.

-Jennah Spurgeon

Worked great with ease!!

-Karol Yeager

I am so happy to have discovered Training Cove. You offered classes I found useful and interesting. I looked at a lot of continuing ed programs and I was lucky to find classes I didn't think were worthless or totally boring! I am recommending you to every Realtor I know!

-Marion Peebles

They were great. the audio was fantastic

-Douglas Kiley

I loved this course and found it an eye opener. Thanks for offering it.

-Sheryl Klinkhammer

I was impressed with how well the curriculum of this course was organized. The course kept me engaged and it was easy to understand the material. The timeframe of the course was optimal. I will certainly come back with you guys to renew my license in a couple years from now. I will recommend my colleagues to take their renewal courses with you guys. YOU ROCK!

-Omar Varela

I love how the material has evolved and stayed current over the years. Very impressive.

-Marcus Fleming

Dont think it can (be improved)...Best online course I've used in many years

-Brendan Barnett

These classes were excellent! I was happy that the material was comprehensive and consistent. Training Cove did their homework and has delivered a quality product!

-Pat Adler