Frequently Asked Questions

The timer at the end of the section doesn't seem to be working

Even though the course timer is running at all times during your course, any messages that are displayed will not be updated continually. To update messages that appear, you must refresh the page or click the "Update Time Remaining" button (if one is provided). State law requires that you interact regularly with the course. If you stop interacting with the course for more than 10 minutes, the timer will stop running. Be sure that you are actively clicking through the course material, or at least clicking the "Update Time Remaining" button once every 10 minutes. If you want to check on your progress or time remaining for any section of the course, click on the percentage-complete box that appears in the bottom blue control bar during your course. This area also lets you jump to a previous section of the course or instantly jump back to the latest point in your class.

To enhance your learning, our courses sometimes provide links to external sites at the end of a section. If you choose to click on these links, be sure the link opens in a separate window or tab....otherwise you will exit the course and the timer will stop running. If your browser doesn't open a separate tab when you click on a link, try RIGHT-clicking on the link and then choose to open it in a separate window. When you are done studying the additional material, close the separate window or tab, then click the "Update Time Remaining" button to see the correct time remaining. Do not spend more than 10 minutes reviewing an external link or the course timer will stop running.