Frequently Asked Questions

What browsers & devices are supported?

Here are some of the configurations that are tested & working:

Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP:
Browsers supported: Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Firefox

Note: If using FireFox, you must adjust site permissions to allow Autoplay of Audio & Video (click on symbol in front of web address).
Note: Safari for Windows requires a plugin
Note: AOL Browser works, but is based on an outdated version of Chrome and has a few minor issues.

Browsers supported: Safari (Go to "Safari" menu and choose "Settings for This Website" to enable autoplay)

Linux OS:
Firefox (May need to manually select audio mode - see note below)

Android Phones and Tablets:
Android Devices v2.2 or later
Android Device v2.1 or earlier, or Opera browser (may require audio clip download before playing)

Note: For Android phones & tablets, we highly recommend downloading the FireFox Browser from the Google Play Store. This allows audio to start playing automatically on each slide, otherwise you will usually have to click PLAY on every slide.

Apple iPhones and iPads:
iPad Mini
iPhone4/5/6/7/8/X or later
iPhone3 (audio plays in separate window)
iPod Touch (audio plays in separate window)

Note: Apple has disabled automatic playing of audio/video on their mobile devices, so you must click PLAY button on every slide of class to hear the audio. You may be able to use an alternate browser that avoids Apple's limitation (please let us know if you find one!)

Other Phones and Devices:
Windows Phone 7 / 7.5 / 8 or later - IE (audio plays in separate window)
Windows Mobile 6 - Internet Explorer, Opera
Windows Mobile 5 - Internet Explorer
Windows Mobile 5/6 - NetFront (requires audio clip download before playing)
Nook HD
Kindle Fire HD (audio plays in separate window)
Blackberry Z10/Q10 - Standard browser
Blackberry Storm - Standard browser (cannot pause audio)
Blackberry 9630 (Tour) - Standard browser (audio plays in separate window), Opera browser is not supported (due to downloading of audio files)
Blackberry 9930 (Bold) - Not supported (crashes)
Palm OS (Garnet) - Blazer browser on Palm Treo 700p (audio plays in separate window)
Palm WebOS - Not supported (does not display slides during a course)
Google TV - Supported

Other devices/browsers may work fine, but have not been tested and are not guaranteed to work. Please let us know if you are using a configuration not listed so we can update our list (send email to ).

Audio Modes:
Training Cove provides numerous modes for playing audio during our courses. While most devices/browsers will automatically configure themselves correctly, you can also select the mode manually if you cannot hear the audio. To select a mode, just hit the HELP (?) button at the bottom of any slide during the course.