Renew Your Arizona Real Estate License

All Arizona real estate licensees are required to complete continuing education classes every 2-year renewal period to keep their Arizona real estate license active.  A salesperson must complete 24 hours of continuing education to keep their license active.  All designated, self employed and delegated associate brokers must complete 30 hours of continuing education each renewal period.

An Arizona real estate license is issued for a 2-year period, and renewals are also for a 2-year period.

Prior to the expiration date, a salesperson or broker must complete Continuing Education (CE) classes and report them to the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE). A license will not be renewed if this requirement is not met. To find out when a license expires, visit the Arizona Department of Real Estate's website at

Licensees must complete 24 hours of coursework, with classes as indicated in EACH of the following subjects:

Agency Law (3 hours)

Contract Law (3 hours)

Commissioner’s Standards (3 hours)

Disclosure (3 hours)

Fair Housing (3 hours)

Real Estate Legal Issues (3 hours)

General Real Estate (6 hours)

When applicable, Brokers must complete an additional 9 hours of courses which includes 3 Broker Management Clinics:

BMC #1 (3 hours)

BMC #2 (3 hours)

BMC #3 (3 hours)

Up to nine (9) credit hours may be taken per day. Courses may be taken by driving to a physical school location or online in the comforts of your own home. The online option is becoming extremely popular with agents who want to save time and money. Online students enjoy the convenience of taking classes anytime they wish - 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

It is important that a licensee verify that the courses they are taking are accredited by the Arizona Department of Real Estate. In addition, a licensee should also check accreditation of the administering real estate school.

You can access a list of accredited real estate schools and courses on the ADRE's website. One of the least expensive online schools is Training Cove (, which is fully accredited by the ADRE and even lets you take classes on-the-road using your tablet or smartphone. After a licensee completes each course, the school will provide the student with a certificate.

Once a licensee has completed their CE (Continuing Education) credits, they must be reported online at using the Online Licensing System. CE classes may be entered online at any time after successful completion. There is no need to wait until the renewal time of a license or the end of a CE period.

The ADRE's online renewal system makes it easy to renew. Licensees enter each course number and the date it was completed into the system. The course number and dates appear on CE certificates issued by licensed real estate schools upon completion of each ADRE-approved course. Once all renewal hours are entered, there is no need for a licensee to call ADRE to confirm that the license has been renewed. They can simply visit the on-line license information on ADRE to check the new expiration date.

Real estate agents should keep track of their renewal date to ensure their license remains in good standing. Visit for more information on license renewal.