Why Real Estate Agents Should be Listing More Homes During the Holidays

While many agents slow down their marketing efforts during the holidays, here are 6 reasons why you might want to encourage sellers to put their houses on the market this December.

Less Competition

Historically, there is a much lower inventory of homes available in December. Fewer homes mean less competition which means it is a great time to list. Traditionally sellers decide to wait until January to list their homes. But in January, there will be more homes on the market and less demand for their homes.

Decorations Make Them Dazzle

Homes show better when decorated for the holidays with lights and festive decor. An average listing that has nice furniture, art and other decorations will entice buyers. Does the buyer get to keep the nice decorations? No! The Seller gets to keep all the wonderful accessories, but these items helped sell their home! Lovely holiday decor will help your listings sell faster.

Buyers Have More Free Time

Since many buyers have time off of work in December, this means more time to look at houses or thinking about selling their own home.

Online Shopping Means More Time for House Shopping

In the past, people spent more time stuck in lines at the mall during the holidays and less time thinking about real estate. However, the internet has made searching for homes much easier. Now, sellers can find out their home value while standing in line for gift wrapping and buyers can search for a new home while waiting for the turkey to cook.

Serious Buyers are Shopping in December

People who look for homes during the holidays are more serious buyers and the likelihood they will actually purchase one increases. The couple who just likes looking at houses for fun won’t be wasting your time in December because they will be busy with holiday activities. In addition, many employees begin new jobs in January. This makes December a prime month for home shopping because of job transfers.

Tax Reasons

Some buyers need to make their home purchases before the end of the year for tax reasons, so time is of the essence!

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