Maine Real Estate Brokers Need 21 CE Credits to Renew License

For real estate license renewal in Maine, active associate brokers, brokers, and designated brokers are required to complete 21 clock hours of approved continuing education, which includes a mandatory 3-clock-hour core course, before renewing their license. The Maine Real Estate Commission oversees the continuing education requirements, which must be completed within the two-year renewal period. Failure to complete the required continuing education can result in the inability to renew the license. After completing the continuing education requirements, licensees can submit their renewal application, fee, and confirmation of their completed continuing education to the Maine Real Estate Commission. Upon verification of these requirements, the renewal license will be issued. Training Cove offers the 21-hour course package to all Maine brokers at the lowest price - only $109 for all 21 credits (including the core)! Visit  to get started immediately!